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Lifestyle Newborn Sessions and Studio Newborn Sessions: Which should you choose?

When clients reach out to me to tell me they are expecting a little one, I get so excited. It is such an honor to capture these family milestones for families. The thought that these photos will become family heirlooms gives my soul fire and inspires me to do what I do. So you had the baby, you have the diapers, wipes, furniture, bassinet and every other baby gadget your could possibly need. The last thing you need to do is worry about picking what type of photo session you want. I'm here to explain how my studio and lifestyle newborn sessions differ so you can make the best choice for your family.

Studio Newborn Session

Studio Newborn Sessions take place in my beautiful studio located in Newtown, Pennsylvania. That is the first perk of a studio session. You don't need to worry about having your home photo ready immediately after having a baby. If the thought of having someone come into your home after having a baby intimidates you, my studio is here for you. I have specially curated furniture, props, lighting and everything we need for a successful session.

I typically do all newborn sessions on weekday mornings. I feel that babies in the late morning just do a little better. I try to avoid something too early for parents, so we usually begin around 10 or 11am. When you come to my studio, I will wrap and swaddle the baby for our session together. You don't need to worry about what you dress your baby in because I have everything he or she needs. I have collected swaddles, wraps, bonnets and headbands for clients to use. I also have a variety of baskets, props and other cute things for posing the baby. You don't have to worry about anything.

One final perk of having a session in my studio is the lighting. Every home isn't great with light. During studio sessions, I use professional artificial light. I also take advantage of my large and bright windows to capture beautiful imagery for your family. If the lighting in your home isn't great or you're in the middle of moving or updating your home, my studio is here for you.

Cons of a studio Newborn Session...

Now I wouldn't say that there is necessarily a con to having a studio session, but it might not be your cup of tea. First, it's in my space and not yours. This might be appealing to some, but if you want something personalized and documentary in your family in your environment, then a lifestyle newborn session might be for you. My studio is pretty, bright and furnished, but it's not yours.

Another thing to consider is coming to my studio. If the thought of leaving the house with a newborn intimidates you, I'm more than happy to come to you in your space to make it easier for you.

Posed newborn sessions are more time sensitive. If you want your baby swaddled, sleepy and posed in baskets, that really needs to be done during the first two weeks after birth. The thought of doing photos with this time constraint can be overwhelming.

In-home Lifestyle Newborn Session

What makes in-home lifestyle newborn sessions so special is that they are in your home. I really think this is a wonderful way to capture the newest member of your family. Having photos done in your home is really special. It's personalized, intimate and I will take a documentary approach to capturing this moment and freezing it in a photograph for you. Those first weeks when you bring your baby home are really special. Your meeting this new little person that is going to be a huge part of your life. It's so nice to capture that in the newborn photos.

One of my favorite things about in-home sessions is that the pets become a big part of the session. You are more than welcome to include them in as many photos as you want. They deserve some recognition as your first baby!

Cons of lifestyle newborn session...

If the thought of having someone come in your home shortly after a baby overwhelms you, I get it. You might feel the pressure to clean or have your home look like an instagram model house. That isn't necessary at all, but I can understand the pressure. Don't worry about cleaning too much. We can always move pack and plays and diaper boxes out of frame.

When I come to your home for newborn sessions, I only bring my camera equipment. I don't bring swaddles, baskets, blankets or any props for this. These sessions are documentary and props and studio-level swaddles sort of ruin that aspect of the lifestyle and natural approach. If you want posed and swaddled photography, come to my studio for a posed session.

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