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Family Beach Session in Stone Harbor, NJ

Let's talk about light! Light at beach sessions is incredibly important. Light can make or break a beach session. Over the years of doing these, I have learned what light environment is best for family beach sessions. This is why I always start my beach sessions one hour prior to sunset. I understand that this can be tricky for little ones with strict bedtimes. If you are going to invest in this type of session, I think it's important to get the best images.

If you're concerned about your kid's and their bedtimes, I have a few tips:

  • Sunset time varies throughout the summer. In June and July, sunset can be in the 8 o'clock hour. This means we will start later. If you want to end early and get your kids to bed, consider scheduling in late August or September when sunset is much earlier.

  • Don't go too hard the day of your session. If you know you have your photo session that night, don't stay on the beach until 4pm. Consider going just for the morning and coming home to rest and get naps in.

  • Roll with it! If your session is outside your kid's normal bedtime, it might not be as disastrous as you think. In my experience, most kids are excited to be on the beach and get their photos done. It might help extend their energy and keep them happy throughout our time together.

For more tips, feel free to reach out to me directly. I'm happy to answer any questions if you're thinking about booking a beach photos session with me.

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